Handbag trends to bag

Handbag trends to bag

No matter the season, no matter your mood and no matter where you are going – a bag is a must! Keeping all the essentials together while adding a little extra to your outfit, bags are the most handy fashion accessory of them all.

What are this season's bag trends? Read on to find out...

Satchels made a big comeback a few seasons ago and aren't going anywhere. This season the trendiest satchel to invest in is a structured one. Clean lines and classic shapes make this an easy trend to work into your current wardrobe.

While the structured satchel may be trendy at the moment, it also has a classic look which means that it will see you through a few seasons rather than just this spring.

Embrace your inner bohemian with this spring's popular fringed handbags. The boho look is a popular spring/summer trend because it is best worn in a cool, casual and less-is-more way, which is what we all opt for during the warmer months. Fringed bags will work well with everything from jeans and denim shorts to a maxi dress or high-low skirt.

Backpacks are no longer just for school and college students, however this season's choices are a lot more fashionable and a lot less school-like. With denim and unique prints making their way into top retail stores, this is your go-to for the latest in fashion and functionality.

Studs are everywhere and can add some edge to your everyday look. Whether your style is bold or demure, now is the time to work studs into your wardrobe in whichever way you feel comfortable with. Studs can work for anyone, not just punks and rockers, so give this trend a try and you're guaranteed to go stud-mad, as the rest of the fashion world has.

If you're bag lady, then one of each will see you through the season in style. Use your bag to accessorise and complement your outfits for a perfect, polished spring look.

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Author : Kerry Heathfield

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