How to nip a cold in the bud

How to nip a cold in the bud

Feel a tickle in your throat, or a bit of a woolly head? Here are some suggestions for staving off the common cold...

No winter is complete without getting a cold. Everyone sadly has a bout of the dreaded lurgy, dustbins overflowing with tissues, bedside tables cluttered with boxes of pills, tinctures of drops, soothing ointments and just a general feeling of irritation as your nose runs constantly and you feel miserable.

So, as you sneeze and sniff, here is the rundown on natural cold remedies you can try when you feel the beginnings of a cold coming on...

The mineral zinc, available in over-the-counter lozenges, nasal sprays, and gels, may work by preventing the formation of proteins needed by a cold virus to reproduce.

For decades, believers in vitamin C have said taking this vitamin supplement can slightly shorter colds.

The herbal supplement Echinacea is an immune booster with antiviral properties and other benefits, so it's good at preventing colds.

Advocates of hot chicken soup, long offered as a cold remedy, say it may help soothe inflammation that can make the symptoms worse. Although chicken soup may not actively fight a cold, it can help fight dehydration that can occur.

Try these recipes to avoid the grip of gloom. When you feel a cold or flu coming on, or a little discomfort at the back of your throat, take a hot drink of lemon and ginger which is very effective. Drink it two or three times a day. The anti-viral properties in lemon fight infections and halt the progress of a cold.

Honey adds an anti-bacterial property to help hasten the healing of an infection. Use only raw honey (the murky ones), as processed honey (clear ones) doesn't work and may add to your misery.

Cabbage and carrots stimulate the immune system and the production of antibodies that make good remedy in fighting off bacterial and viral infections. The addition of celery makes the recipe tastier and provides the vitamins and minerals to support the immune system. Leave these out at room temperature for at least one hour before juicing. Juice the three 'C's and drink at least twice a day when you have a cold: a quarter of a small cabbage, three large carrots and two ribs of celery. Add some finely-chopped fresh coriander leaves (optional).

If you do it early enough, you may not even get sick. Garlic has very potent anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is also effective to prevent recurrent infections, frequent yeast infections and other infections. Finely chop or use the food blender to chop up two cloves of fresh garlic and let it expose to the air for a few minutes while you wash up your blender or chopping board. The chopping releases the enzyme allinase in the garlic. Gather the chopped garlic on a spoon and swallow them whole with water.

My little cold and flu box consists of Med Lemon, Vicks, Corenza C, tissues, cold and flu tablets, Echinacea Force, bed rest, herbal teas, lots of hand washing, breathing in humidified air, trying to drink lots of water and keeping positive! Be gentle with yourself, take some time out, relax and keep warm

The greatest wealth is health. - Virgil

Author : Melissa Jane Cook